Being A Digital Curator

Internet surfing
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I know like me, many of you will have spent hours searching through pages and pages of information on the internet and feeling frustrated when you can’t find anything useful. So when I first learnt of digital curation, I was amazed at the possibilities it presents, both for my personal study and as a future teacher.

Digital curation tools allow people to bring together information on a particular topic and then share that information with their target audience (Flintoff, et al, 2014). These tools also allow the curator to filter out unimportant information; which is very useful when researching a particular topic! Personal study and research can be made a lot easier through the use of these curation sites, but they also present an opportunity to engage students in their learning through digital technologies.

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As a teacher, we want our students to be engaged with their learning, and curation tools are very effective in encouraging this. Websites such as and Storify can be easily integrated into a lesson plan.
For example, students could explore a Storify page of the teacher’s creation, on a new topic they will be covering in class, or students could be placed in groups and instructed to create a page on a particular topic. It’s important to remember that such activities are interesting and engaging for the students but are also allows us, as teachers, to develop our digital pedagogy (Howell, 2012).

As we know digital tools are being used increasingly in our everyday lives, there are many digital tools which can be used in the classroom. Curation tools allow students to develop critical thinking, research skills and also allows them to distinguish between content that is useful and reliable and content which is not. This is important for preparing students for further studies and future careers (Johnson, 2014).





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